Jean and I are the CAFOD focal points for Christ The King. We try to promote CAFOD’s role within the parish, and an important part of this is providing information that may be useful or helpful to any who wish to find out about CAFOD’s work. We will use this spot on the parish web-site to say a bit more about events or campaigns, or meetings that we have attended, and try to give a picture that’s fuller than can be put in the bulletin or pinned to the noticeboard. We hope you find it interesting and, maybe, useful. We’ll update it weekly or fortnightly and would welcome any thoughts or questions you may have in response – our number is 419439. Mark Wallis



By donating to CAFOD this Family Fast Day, you can help communities affected by the worst impacts of the climate crisis. CAFOD works with local experts to help people around the world to adapt to the changing climate and protect our common home. You can donate by text (please ask for details), on the CAFOD website or by using a CAFOD envelope.

Due to the severity of the climate crisis and the impact it is having on the communities CAFOD supports, this Harvest’s Fast Day appeal is being merged with the Climate Crisis Appeal. Sadly, the climate crisis is increasing the frequency and severity of all natural disasters – typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, droughts, floods and forest fires. Even when families survive these deadly disasters, they often have very little to return to: homes are destroyed, possessions are lost, and once-fertile land is left desolate.

As Catholics, we believe God’s creation is a gift to be treasured. Instead, our seas are being filled with plastic, our rainforests burned and our wildlife threatened. But we must never lose hope. All around the world, ordinary people are giving their all to protect our planet and each other. In our Fast Day appeal, we hear about one of these, Ivanilde, working to protect her land in the Amazon. This is an example of the work our donations go to support, along with many others. Thank you for your continued generosity. To ensure that everyone can flourish, we need to stop the climate crisis and restore our common home – together.  

We pray for all those striving to protect the earth, our common home: that God may strengthen them in their work and inspire us all to be guardians of the precious gift of creation.