Corpus Christi

When Alysha, Amelia, Charles, Daniel, Henry, Molly, Michalina, Natasha, Oliver, Sophie, Thomas and Wiktoria received their First Holy Communion a few weeks ago we all realised what a very special thing was happening in their lives.

When each of us receives the Eucharist, we are accepting God’s Divine gift to us, his Son Jesus. When we pause and reflect on this profound privilege, we are in awe and realise how little we deserve such a gift!

To reflect such Grace, are we ourselves generously giving to others what they don’t “deserve”; our love, understanding care, time and patience?

C Rochford


Extract of a prayer of Thanksgiving After Mass attributed to St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274):

Lord, Father all-powerful and ever living God, I thank you

For even though I am a sinner, and your unprofitable servant, You have fed me

With the precious body and blood of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ

Not because of my worth but out of your kindness and your mercy.




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