Christ the King Parish has two churches, served by Fr George and our two deacons.
Christ the King Church is in Thornbury, BS35 1HA,  and Holy Cross Church is in Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 7DH


During this third lockdown, government insistence on staying home to minimise transmission of the Covid virus, in the ever-deteriorating situation, appears to be at odds with allowing church gatherings to go ahead. It is clear that many churches around the UK are struggling to square this circle. An inescapable fact is that a religious service remains a gathering of individuals in an enclosed space, something Covid relishes. Even with Covid-safe measures in place, the risk of transmission, we are constantly being reminded, however slight, remains a reality. In addition, a significant number of parishioners have expressed surprise and bewilderment that church services are still allowed to go ahead at this time of lockdown. People already booked have been cancelling and some of our volunteer stewards, without whom we cannot operate in a Covid-safe manner, have also been temporarily stepping back.

Much appreciated feedback since the suspension of Mass earlier in the week has been positive and supportive, with some even expressing a sense of relief. After careful thought and consideration, it is decided that for us at least, continuing with church gatherings is not the correct course of action at this time. The need to protect people, in particular our volunteer stewards who of necessity must interact with those arriving for Mass, is paramount. The celebration of public services in both Christ the King and Holy Cross churches are, therefore, once again suspended for the time being.

CTK church will continue to remain open from 11am to 4pm. each day for personal prayer. Please remember to follow the Covid-safe instructions you will find in the porch when visiting. These include sanitising your hands with alcohol gel from the dispensers, refraining from moving around the church (pick your spot and stay put) and sanitising every surface you have touched before you leave with the cleaning materials provided, paying special attention to doors and door handles.

Please continue to take care as this Covid-19 journey continues - keep well, keep safe.


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