Last week saw Jesus sending his apostles out in pairs to teach, to preach and to heal.
This week sees them returning and the first thing he does is take them away for some quiet time with him to recharge their physical and spiritual batteries. But it was not to be – at least not just yet. That would have to wait a little longer so that he could be the Good Shepherd and minister to those who were in need of him. Reading between the lines, today’s gospel, following on from last week as it does, shows us that life is not all about activity. It is important, indeed crucial, to make time for quiet and reflection in the presence of the Lord so that when we are sent out on our next mission, we can go with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Our lives are not all about action and ‘doing things’. The well-balanced life is a combination of activity and stillness. This approach might well find us doing less but doing it better. As with all things in life it is a matter of balance and it is in the fostering of our intimate relationship with Christ that enables us to get it right every time.

Fr George



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