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One of the early Church Fathers St Theophilus of Antioch wrote a letter to an unbelieving Greek philosopher and cynic. Theophilus himself had come to faith from a cynical position and felt himself admirably suitable to write to a certain Autolychos. He said if you should say ‘show me your God I will say to you “show me what sort of person you are and I will show you my God” ‘show me whether the eyes of your mind can see the ears of your heart hear.’ Our capacity to believe in God has something to do with what kind of person we are.

The central feature of the mind is the way it strives to make sense of the world. Making sense of the world invites us to choose, believing desiring intending are ours to do. Conditioned by genetics environment, culture they are still ours to choose. I was very much taken by the African culture and the strong sense of care for each other as against our more competitive individualistic culture. But our religion tells us which choice to make and the readings of today encourage us to make the right one.

To make ourselves better people and presumably more capable of belief

St Theophilus is remembered in the third week of Lent on the Wednesday.

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