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“I am with you always”

I remember vividly as a child not looking forward to the Feast of the Ascension. It meant that the Disciples were left on their own and I didn’t want Jesus to leave them. I wanted Jesus to remain on this Earth and to be with us and keep telling us right from wrong.

Looking back this was a positive but naïve / childlike way of thinking. Jesus’ mission here on Earth had come to an end, His work was complete and now it was up to others, those that followed Him, to carry on His good work. But he promised not to leave us alone, another advocate would take His place and we will hear more about this, the Spirit of God, on Pentecost Sunday next week.

But where Jesus goes, we follow. The fact that Jesus ascended into Heaven is proof positive if we needed it, that there is life after this one. Life here on Earth is not an end. So when our “3 score years and ten” are at a close, we too have a pace that we can go to.

This is a message of hope for all of us who still have work to do, it is a message of comfort and solace also for those who have lost loved one(s), or are about to.

Today’s Feast is not to be frightened about, it is instead a reminder of the power of God and the love that He has for every one of us who strives to follow in His way.

Deacon Lawrence



















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