Every child deserves a family.

Another Christmas has gone by, leaving us with happy memories of time spent with our families sharing meals, giving gifts, keeping up family traditions, reminiscing and strengthening family bonds. A loving family is the best place for children to grow and develop into happy and confident individuals. We are lucky if we had good parents to cherish and support us, but some children are not so fortunate.

Our offerings at the crib are for CCS Adoption – the Clifton Children’s Society- which has had 115 years of experience of finding permanent loving homes for children who need them. They specialise in finding families for children with additional needs:  sibling groups, older children, children with complex disabilities or behavioural needs, and children from black and ethnic minority groups. They provide lifelong support to their families, and work with couples or single people with all faiths or none. They have for many years been awarded an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’.

The CCS rely heavily on fundraising and donations to provide these services, and as many of their staff are voluntary, money is not wasted on unnecessary administrative or managerial costs.

Thank you to all who have given to the crib collection and supported this worthy cause.

M Costello



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