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In the presence of God how can anyone feel the slightest pride? Yet is there any one among us who can claim never to have succumbed?  Will you pick up the first stone?  St Paul recognised the issue and starkly declared against it.  But we more lowly mortals have to survive in life, demanding that we make our pitch, plant our flag, and be assertive. 

Trending now is the quite odious claim not only to be acting worthily but even to be the only one doing so. We take on a pseudo holy cloak, making anyone who disagrees thoroughly reprehensible.  Sadly this phenomenon is no longer restricted to the domain of politics where it is everywhere.  Those who accuse others of doubtful morality seem blissfully unaware that their accusations betray something in their own hearts which they are projecting onto their adversaries.  Though hating hypocrisy, even the English are only now realising how evil political correctness can be.

Everyone in the world tries to do the best thing:  the trouble is what does good mean in each situation faced, so others disagree.  Then they see what is proposed as ‘bad’, and worse still label its author evil!  This is why we all need a code of moral intent, to discriminate between various possible behaviours.

Trouble is, there are two kinds of morality, which cover what is good and what works. Whatever we do must satisfy both kinds - who would advise me to do something, however praiseworthy, knowing it just doesn’t work?  Would God smile or frown? 

We were given free will so that we could make wise choices when faced with such a dilemma.  In this, there’s no room for pride. I only hope God gives brownie points for trying, more than achieving!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            J Rhodes




























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