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Fourth Sunday of Advent

In a few days we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. But, unlike Mary we know about the future. We don’t just see the baby, whose focus is on food, a dry nappy, cuddles and sleep. 

We know about the youngster who will not just learn carpentry skills from his father but who will have the knowledge and courage to dispute with the priests in the Temple when He’s only 12. We know about the young man who attended a local wedding and sees that his mother’s friends will be embarrassed by running out of wine and who does his first miracle to help them out. We know about the man who called fishermen and tax collectors, mothers, sisters and even prostitutes to follow his teachings. And we know about the person who will die on the cross so that we can live.

The baby born on Christmas Day is the God who inspired so many that His followers are now world-wide.

There is a shadow of the cross on the baby in Mary’s arms. But there is also a promise of life, because, as Mary said in her great prayer, the Magnificant, “the Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is his Name”.  What we are celebrating in a few days is the coming of something great, and holy. 

That’s some baby, that’s some man, that’s our God.

P Wells




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