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When we leave Mass today, there is a good chance we’ll go and eat. For some of us, it might be to share food with family and friends. For others, it will be a quiet meal alone. Either way, it will give us the strength and energy to continue with our lives.

However, one in eight of the world’s population – the vast majority being the poorest women, men and children – still don’t have enough food to eat every day. A changing climate and extreme weather is making it even harder for families to grow or buy the food they need, and is a major reason why so many of our brothers and sisters worldwide go hungry. It’s undoing years of CAFOD’s work to improve people’s lives.

It’s tempting to think of climate change as something in the future – a slow-moving problem that may affect our grandchildren. For Sinteyo, whose story we will hear at mass today, and millions of others living in poverty, it’s already having devastating consequences, and we can’t wait any longer to do something about it. 

CAFOD is currently launching a new campaign, ‘One Climate, One World’, aimed at encouraging our politicians to agree meaningful targets and helping us to play our part. There are ways we can help to limit the harmful effects of climate change and start working our way towards a better future: things like helping poorer communities to have access to sustainable sources of energy. Our faith calls us to action: to be good, loving neighbours to our brothers and sisters around the world and to creation itself. 

Sinteyo explains her work this way: “With the climate changing, there is a need for people to work together. When there are no rains, it’s important to support each other, so you need your neighbour”.  CAFOD’s campaign is inspired by people like Sinteyo - our neighbours around the world bearing the brunt of a changing climate. What kind of neighbour are we?

M Wallis


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